Entry #1

Just a little notice.

2014-05-21 13:03:49 by 312274


Just to tell you guys, I removed all my mature art from Newgrounds (That was obviously my character Djeneba). It's not a childish reaction what so ever, it's just that I respect Newgrounds decisions and rules so far. Newgrounds and some people see my work as mature, while I don't. And because I respect it I won't do any stupid drama. I have some differents opinions, experience, culture and educations from newgrounds rules, so I just take my disposition as mature guy, it's just my opinion not fitting with these rules, nothing more.  So don't be surprise if it dissapear. You still can find my work on other plateform and links on my profile.

I will still posting things but nothing that about my character Djeneba anymore, so no worry, that's not a big deal.


Stay safe. :]


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2014-05-21 18:20:10

But I like Djeneba, it seemed like you had the beginning of a story going on.

312274 responds:

Ahaha yeah, but that's not a big deal, newgrounds have its own reason, that not meet mine, that just all. I still posting Djeneba on deviant art and you still have also the link to the story available on my main page :]